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Current Ice Conditions

Here are the current ice conditions for Lake Vermilion:

Lake Status on Fri Aug 18 2017
Vermilion Ice out 4/15


Lake Vermilion Satellite Photos

Here are some recent satellite photos showing ice conditions on Lake Vermilion:




For more satellite photos of Lake Vermilion showing the progression of ice-out for this year, click here.


Lake Vermilion Web Cameras

Here are just some of the webcams you can view on www.lakevermilionresorts.com. Click on image to see a larger version.

Pike Bay

Wak-em-up Narrows

Head-O-Lakes Bay


Lake Vermilion Weather

Here is the recent weather history for the lake. Click on image for more information.


Historical Ice Out Dates

Here is some history on Lake Vermilion ice-out dates:

Average Ice Out:April 29
Earliest Ice Out:April 6, 2010
Latest Ice Out:May 23, 1950

Below is a chart showing the ice-out dates on Lake Vermilion since 1923.

The vertical axis shows days since January 1. The red line indicates the ice-out date for 2011.


Ice-out Contest

The lakevermilion.com web site is running a contest to guess the ice-out date this year - click here to enter.

For more ice-out information, see these links:

Minnesota DNR Ice Out Status
Lake Vermilion Ice Out Dates


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